Specialty Products

Specialty Items Include:

“Bulk and prepackaged in 3 & 4 packs”

*Call us to order bulk and/or pre packaged crayons


Counterfeit Detection Pens – 10/pack

Recommended by law enforcement and good for thousands of tests, Hamco currency pens will leave their mark in assuring that money flowing into your establishment is the real thing. Millions of counterfeit bills are in circulation and the simplest and most reliable way to protect you is also the least expensive.

Credit Card Cleaners

Avoid costly verification or maintenance calls by regularly swiping cleaning cards through your credit card machine for seamless and reliable processing.

 Magnetic swipe waffle cleaner – 10 and 40packs

Cleaning Cards are a cost effective way to maintain your card readers and increase the life of the printer magnetic heads. They reduce reader errors and decrease the number of service calls & device downtime.

**** Our waffle card design cleans up to 10x’s more dirt than flat cards.

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